"Be Careful with Solid Conservatory Roofs" - I hate this!

Updated: May 23

"Everyone's home is their castle"

I have racked my brains trying to think of the first blog to write here, perhaps the process of manufacturing a solid conservatory roof or the individual elements that make the product up and why each one is so important, maybe I could write about the value they can add to your home or the benefits of being able to use your conservatory all year around. All have potential for interesting material but instead I settled on giving out a good old bashing to the haters out there! arghhh did I just use the word "Haters"! I sound like my daughters impersonating Miranda Sings!

So whats my beef? To be honest with you its not the negativity that i'm opposed to as such, it was the timing. No, no..... I am lying, its the negativity too so lets just get on with it!

Unfortunately the process, engineering and manufacturers of solid roof conservatories were still emerging and maturing when the "Internet" choose to strike and mums net is one of the biggest offenders with a heck of a lot of content that has been posted by people with a tiny little bit of information and a lot of assumptions or by chancers who think the over clad industry is actually a good one! (More on this later).

Another factor of negative press is that advertisers them selves have realised that negative stories are more likely to gain credibility with customers than positive ones. You will say how good something is, right?, if you want to sell it?

So if you expose the negative side of the industry and then explain subtly how your not like that then you get traffic from customers trying to do their homework and being careful.... and unfortunately it works, customers end up on the sellers site reading all about how they are the only ones who do a brilliant job and be careful of anyone else out there!

The fact of the matter is that solid conservatory roofs are no different to any other home improvement, period!. Ive seen the posts - on Mumsnet, warning about the building regulations and stating that companies are out there quoting extortionate prices, I've also seen suppliers scare mongering with titles like this on their site blogs:

"The Potential Pitfalls of Replacement Conservatory Solid Roofs"

The key word their being "Potential" - guess what, they went on to say this -

"If you’d like free expert advice from one of our experienced expert conservatory design consultants they will be able to offer you a no obligation site consultation."

I love it! Advertising at it's best and guess what - the search engines actually help them achieve this by ranking their blog content up due to it fooling their algorithms into thinking that its not an advertisement! So much for AI if google cant even pick up double glazing sales tactics in an article! This is what is famously known as "Click Bait" incase you were wondering.....

So lets debunk a few of my pet hates that appear all over the web!


1. The Price

Ok - and this is gonna hurt! Your building a roof on a house not a shed!! Expect the price to be proportionate to the scale, significance and benefit of the job!

So you have had someone in from ebay or the internet and they have quoted you £3000 - £4000 to put you a tiled roof on your conservatory. So we paid £1300 last summer for a garden bar stand with 6 rattan stools. Albeit it was a nice garden set but does 3K for a roof.....on your house..... sound right to you?


I will expand on the "Bodge Jobs" in point 3 but for now please resign your self that you the phrase "You get what you pay for" has never been so true when it comes to structural alterations to your property, especially when you need an advanced product that has been pre-fabricated - why is this important? Because you need to comply to building regs and the product is massively important. Expect a minimum cost of £5.5 K for a roof like this but weigh that up against the prospect of an extension alternative plus the ROI you can achieve from a marketing perspective if you ever come to sell.


2. Building Regulations

This doesn't have to be scary but will be made to sound so by people who don't understand the regs and, well lets face it, they just love to moan right and claim they know it all? Perhaps its your neighbour your talking to about it? They had an extension 10 years ago and so they know all about the regs right?? Please.....

So what happens when you take a glazed roof and put a solid "Proper" roof on your existing conservatory? Well - it becomes a fully bonafide extension! "Hmmm that will be good if I come to sell my house right?" Yep! Another thing to be aware of here is that it becomes subject to building regulations so ensure that the fitter you are using supplies building regs with the job - if they don't or even hint that this will be a problem or cost you more then dump them right there and don't look back!

You will want one of these!

A few days ago I spoke to a Chartered Surveyor and as most of you will know these are the most detailed, respected and damn right unbiassed professionals you will ever meet in your life. I asked him one very simple question,

"What do you think of these tiled conservatory Roofs?"

he replied with

"I love them, they look great and as long as the frames are strong enough to hold the roof then brilliant, I've even recommended it as an option to some of my clients who don't want the cost of replacing conservatories with extensions".



3. The bodge jobs

So whats going to happen here is - the man with a van will come in and take your existing glazing out. They will leave in the existing roof frames that were designed for the existing glazing. They will probably put some more battening in and will probably tell you they are reinforcing the existing roof (which amounts to nothing more than randomly shoving some struts in).

Watch him as he performs all the mathematical formulas required to calculate the positioning, material sizes and strength calculations that are needed to support the load - i'm being sarcastic here if you hadn't already picked that up!

They won't do any of these things and the next thing you know you will have a roof on your conservatory floor covered in a foot of heavy snow.

This is why we use an approved system! Our suppliers have spent a lot of time and Money creating the perfect light weight product that will have no adverse impact on your existing frames and is guaranteed to last!

Ok folks well thanks for reading our first blog post - i'm off over to Mumsnet to bash some haters! (i'm not really...) If you have any burning questions or want info on anything we do here at Feel Warm then just shout and we will do our best to incorporate it into our next post. Have a good one!


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