Can't see the wood for the trees?

Updated: May 23

With so many different options and price points out there how the hell do I know what I am looking at right?

The UPVC industry is huge, the range of products is huge and we get that this can often be overwhelming so here is our top 3 tips to navigating the industry when you are looking for a UPVC supplier.


1. Check out your suppliers for a guarantee

Your supplier should always provide you with an insurance backed guarantee.

So what is this? An insurance backed guarantee is provided by an insurer to your supplier and covers any work done for you by that company EVEN IF the company goes out of business.


2. Get multiple quotes

Everyone loves a deal right? Get multiple quotes from suppliers to ensure what you are getting is competitively priced. Never sign up to a single supplier without other quotes especially when that company is a big organisation.


3. Is your supplier well presented?

Go with your gut on this one. Your supplier should be visible publically, for example, a website, on Facebook etc, do your research on them and see if you can find any customer reviews and ratings.

When your supplier turns up are they polite and do they listen to you or are they cocky and over powering? Do they respect your property and do they take the time to listen to what you are saying and answer any questions or concerns you have?


And it really is as easy as that! As a customer It is impossible to know every in and out of the industry but following these very simple and easy steps should put you on the right path to your next project.

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