Save thousands of Pounds on your extension plans!

Updated: May 23

Are you thinking of having an extension? Maybe you have had some quotations and are surprised at how much it costs.

Your thought pattern is you want an extra room that you can actually use all year around right? So on that premise let's take a look at the options.


Scenario 1 - Replace an existing old conservatory with an extension

If you're in this position it's likely that your trying to do something about an old run down conservatory or your tired of not using your conservatory. I have recently moved house and have inherited a conservatory, we have spent a summer and winter now in the new house and I can count on one hand how many times I have used it. Why? Because its either boiling or freezing!! (My solid roof conversion will be happening very soon but that's another story).

£30,000.000 - WHAT!

So this quote comes through for say an average 4x4 m extension, with this example you would need to underpin your existing foundations and put down a new base before even starting the extension which will need lots of building regulations, planning permission, lots of brick work done by expensive builders and all of your plastering, electrics... the list goes on. The quote may not say this but I will bet your bottom dollar with hidden costs it will end up at this figure by the time everything is said and done. You now have a great extension but you have not gained any space, have only marginally improved the value of your home and the bricks don't match the house perfectly (if you want perfect guess what - yep more money) but to be fair it's a usable room, you paid 30K to make a room you already had usable - doesn't sound economic to me?


Scenario 2 - Brand new extension build (where you're not replacing an existing conservatory)

So you don't have an existing conservatory or the extension is just a straight addition to your home.

£27,000.00 - ARGHHH

So what's the benefits here? Obviously all the same points apply from Scenario 1 above with the exception it's a little cheaper because the expensive builders don't need to break up your existing base and underpin, but they will need to dig out so on balance it's a little cheaper but not a lot. On balance you have gained genuine space and value on your property but the 27K might be hard to swallow. The aesthetics still are not great on the brick work but you have an all year around room, if the costs affordable for you then great! But wait - is there another way.... Read on!


Scenario 3 - Brand new conservatory with a solid roof

So let's look at what might be trying to achieve with this option.

1. A room we can use all year around, where the temperature is regulated

2. Economic cost so that the build doesn't outstrip the property value gain

3. Additional space

£20,000.00 - Hmmmm, better....

With this scenario we are adding a conservatory not an extension so providing we stay within the rules there is no planning permission. Building regulations are cheaper and we save a ton of cash on builders (Almost 10K saved in comparison to scenario 1 for a new extension build).

But what about the temperature control? Well.... with a solid conservatory roof you are gaining an insulated roof with a u value of 0.18.

Q. What on earth is UValue?

A. UValue is a measure of thermal performance, e.g. how much heat you lose through the roof.

0.18 is the typical UValue you will get from an insulated wall in your house, a normal wall with no insulation is 1.5 so this makes an enormous difference.

This becomes a very real option vs an extension on the basis of the gains are the same but the price is a lot less.

There are added benefits too from having a solid conservatory roof - read on.


Scenario 4 - Refurbish your old unusable conservatory with a solid roof

If you already have a conservatory, then you're in luck! You have your base, you have your frames, you have your dwarf wall brick work. Just replace the roof!

£7000.00 - No WAY!!!!

Let's look at the advantages of taking this route:

1. You save a TON of money!

2. Retains warmth in the winter

3. Keeps your conservatory incredibly cool on summer days

4. Eliminate any leaks previously experienced

5. No wind, rain or wildlife noises - we all know what its like in the middle of a gale!

6. Eliminates Glare

7. No more dirty conservatory roof

8. Provides a safe and cozy space 365 days a year

9. 50 year guarantee on roof tiles

10. Full building regulation approval for peace of mind



The path you decide to take is often dictated by budget and we are happy to consult with you on your preferences. We are also happy to take questions from customers and to embark on a consultation period, no hassle and no stress. You don't even need to have quote if you're in the early stages of thinking about improving your living space, simply drop us an email and we are more than happy to simply answer your questions and provide advice. Email us today at visit our website or message us on Facebook.

Have a great day folks!

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