What makes a good composite door?

Updated: May 23

Composite doors come in a huge variety of designs and colours and with a massive amount of manufacturers out there what does make a good composite door.

First of all lets look at what a composite door actually is

A composite door actually means that the door is made from a number of different materials. Thats it! so the name of the product doesn't really mean much and as you can imagine leaves scope for manufacturers to put together what they see fit so lets think about what that should mean for a consumer.

Infinity 1CL Composite Door
Infinity 1CL

First of all the skin of the door - what do we want from that? Well we want it to look great, be very weather resistant and very strong. So if we are looking for the ideal composite door skin then it has to be GRP!

GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic) is used in the manufacturing of boats, baths and most recently cars and aeroplanes. It really loves being in water. It does not move, distort, expand or perhaps absorb the water so is an excellent choice for the front of a front door. It loves getting subjected to the weather conditions. What really sets this kind of material apart is that we can easily mould in a detailed pattern. This means we can produce a genuine woodgrain pattern in to the skin. This means the exterior looks just like a genuine wooden door.


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Turning our attention to the inside of the door at Feel Warm we only deal in highly insulated products. We are all trying to get our energy costs down and improving our carbon foot print. The internal make up of a composite door is where manufacturers cut costs to improve their margins. At Feel Warm all of our products are carefully selected and our composite doors are no exception. So what do we think in terms of the internal make up of a composite door?

Portland 1 Composite Door
Portland 1

High density polyurethane foam is an amazing material. It is strong and provide extremely good strength to the door. The most important point is that it is a excellent insulator. This means that the excellent looking strong skin provides a really energy efficient core making these doors particularly good at keeping the cold temperatures out. In truth they are so good they beat many other construction materials hands down. Some manufacturers use timber cores but these are to heavy for the hinges (Causing them to drop) and perform poorly when it comes to insulation. The same applies to our solid conservatory roofs where by timber has been proven to underperform against dense insulation and aluminium time and time again.


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And finally the installer is one of the most important choices you will make when it comes to having your door fitted. As a customer you maybe shopping around to just get the cheapest door you can find thinking your getting a good deal. As with anything in life nothing is too good to be true and a cheap quote will mean one thing, that you are compromising the quality of your product, so take your time and research your door - your installer should be only too happy to guide you to the technical specification of the door so you can make an informed decision.


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Our doors are constructed by bonding high impact fibreglass outer skins to composite rails surrounding an inner core of very high thermally efficient insulating foam (CFC free).

  • Secure, strong & durable

  • Superior thermal insulation

  • Enhanced sound proofing

  • Easy clean surface

  • Superior appearance

  • No need for painting or staining

The inner core also acts as a superior soundproofing agent. GRP door leaf is tested to the highest standards of performance.

Feel Warm can provide you with a quote for your composite door over email or by phone and you can request a quote via the website at


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Heres our run down on what makes our doors special:

Stunning Aesthetics

The woodgrain finish on a Distinction GRP composite door is developed from oak tree wood grain, creating a beautifully authentic appearance and superior performance that is only available on a Distinction door.

Hopton Composite Door

Our range of colours, styles and glass options will make your door truly unique and by ensuring

that we perfectly match the colour, wood grain and moulding on the glazing cassettes, you can guarantee a flawless finish.

All of our Distinction Glass designs complement our door styles and colours and are triple glazed and laminated as standard for extra security and energy efficiency.

Enhanced Security

A Distinction GRP composite door offers enhanced security thanks to its rigid polymer sub-frame, high density insulated core and high impact resistant GRP skin.

The door leaf and glazing system are major components when part of a door set and have a proven ability to achieve PAS24:2016, industry’s enhanced security standard, a prerequisite in attaining certification to Secured by Design a police initiative to protect against unlawful intrusion.

Ultimate Energy Efficiency

When it comes to thermally efficient doors, a Distinction Glass Re-Enforced Plastic (GRP) composite door is the best choice you can make.

Our Signature composite door (44.5mm) has been independently tested against a solid timber core composite door (48mm) and a timber panelled door (44mm). The results prove the Distinction composite door is more than 17%+ more thermally efficient than both of these alternative doors.


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Unrivalled Pedigree

The UK’s favourite entrance door has established an enviable reputation for exceptional product quality. Having first been introduced to the UK in 1999, the Distinction door has been tried, tested and trusted by homeowners for over 15 years . During this time over 3 million doors have been installed!

Today, 1 in 4 entrance doors installed in the UK is a Distinction door.

Portland 2 Stable Composite Door
Portland 2 Stable

25 Year Warranty

All of our doors are manufactured to the highest of standards and built to stand the test of time. The door’s durability is reflected by the comprehensive structural and surface warranty that we offer with all of our products.

The use of water resistant polymer material, reinforced with Laminated Veneered Lumber, high density insulated core and a thermoset GRP skin keeps your door looking great whilst also protecting it from the Great British weather.

Superb Sound Insulation

Weighted noise reduction of 31 decibels. It means you can be sure your new door will keep outside noise to a minimum, helping to make your home the haven you want it to b

Low Maintenance

Everything about a Distinction GRP composite door is designed to be easy to maintain, including the triple glazed insulated glass unit which encapsulates the delicate decorative glazing between two panes of clear glass, protecting it and making it easy to keep clean.


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Excellent Weather Proofing

Water resistant polymer composite rails that protect its core. This means it won’t suffer from water absorption which can lead to skin de-lamination and cause functional problems that lesser products have. Your door will keep the weather at bay and stay looking good for longer.

Extensive Range

With over 100 door styles, unlimited colours and our Distinction Glass range to choose from you can create a bespoke Distinction door that is truly unique to your home.

Your front door is the first thing visitors will see, cherry-pick your perfect design from a wide variety of traditional and contemporary styles.


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