What the UPVC and Solid Roof sales process should feel like!

Updated: May 23

Hello Feel Warm Fams!

Welcome to another Feel Warm blog. This week I will be talking about the sales process and in particular high pressure sales tactics and how to spot them as well as what the process should look like!

We recently published a blog on how to approach getting a quote from firms for your home improvement projects which you can see here


The Age Old Archaic Con

So today lets take a look at what happens when that salesman lands in your living room and what that experience should be like and how to spot red flags.

Getting a quote from a firm, local or national, should be a straight forward process but often there are hidden sales tactics at work trying to get you to sign on that dotted line today. First off lets make a bold statement (which I am not unknown to do as you know.....).

"If any salesman in your home asks you to sign on the dotted line for a reduced price while they are in your home then throw them out the front door!"

This is probably the biggest red flag that you can get. Anyone asking you to spend thousands should not be asking for a signature there and then and if they are you can almost guarantee that you have been over quoted and are, probably amongst a sea of papers, signing away your legal right to a 14 day cooling off period! DON'T DO IT!!

How do you know I have been over quoted I hear you ask? Well lets think about this,

1. has this supplier had time to go away and do designs on your extension/conservatory or roof construction to ensure that what you have asked for is to specification and compliant with building regulations?

2. Has this supplier called up building control to find out if you can have normal concrete footings for your conservatory or if you need something stronger which would cost more?

3. Has this supplier worked out all of the labour and material costs by getting quotes from suppliers/base and feeding exact measurements into that process behind the scenes?

The answer to all of these is of course "No", how could they? They have been sat with you for 3 hours right and not done any of these things so how can they accurately know how much the job will cost them to do let alone what profit they should be making and if its a competitive price for the customer.

So how do these salesman get around that problem, how do they not risk under pricing the job? How do they get into a position where they can put a contract in front of you right now so you can sign away?

Answer: They do some rough calculations and then add on A LOT to ensure they are covered.

Does this sound like you are getting a good deal or even an accurate quote? What if something goes wrong and its more than this fly-by-night thinks it will be? Check your contract i'm sure they have a way around that at a later date......

But who in their right mind would sign up there and then after 1 quotation? I bet they booked you a really quick appointment and got in before anyone else had chance right? The reason they do that is to ensure no one has given you an accurate price.... But your going to get other quotes and would never go with the first one so how does this sales genius get around that problem?

At some point in your appointment either this sales person will "Call their boss" or their boss will call them. And during this apparently off the cuff call there will be some gigantic, amazing, never heard of before fire storm sale where by IF you sign today I can cut £10,000.00 off the quote...... The excuse varies from idiot to idiot, sometimes its the end of the quarter, sometimes its excess stock or someone else has cancelled, it really doesn't matter but when you know about these tactics it is fabulous to watch for entertainment value.

Amazing!! What a deal!!! .......... errrmmmm no.....

He was probably speaking to the talking clock. This is all part of an age old, archaic, orchestrated and quite frankly pathetic sales technique. These sales morons were taken into a room when they joined their firm and taught the con..... They are glorified confidence tricksters. They were doing this 30 years ago and they are still doing it today and its an absolute disgrace!


Top 10 Red Flags

Here are the top 10 classics to look out for, if any of these red flags crop up...... yep, you got me..... FRONT DOOR.

1. You are given a price there and then with no apparent technical working out or phone enquiries to suppliers.

Your being ripped off and they are guessing in their favour.....very in their favour.....

2. Separate prices with dates attached to them for the same job but an incentive to sign the paper work for earlier dates to get the best price.

They are trying to take a pink sales slip home today so they get their commission sooner.....

3. Paper work to sign there and then while the salesman is still with you

Again trying to "Close the customer" - they thrive off this and have competitions with their moron mates at the company on who's the best "Closer"

4. Unable to answer basic questions about your requirements or the product

They are salesman not industry experts and were probably selling mobile phone contracts the month before.

5. Spends more than 1 hour at your property trying to get you to say yes

They think you will eventually give up and sign just to get rid of them, they are totally disrespecting your intelligence

6. Tries to discourage you getting other quotations

Because they know that good companies will beat them by a mile and they don't want people like me telling them all about people like them...

7. Gets an unexpected call about discounts or they make a call to "See what they can do" (Usually to the boss)

I think we have covered this golden scam.... don't fall for it

8. Offering huge discounts that sound amazing

This "Discount" always seems to be on and never ends so is it really a discount? NO

9. If you buy the front we will throw the back in for free

Come on please..... if it was priced correctly then there is no way they can afford to do that, the quote is cobblers

10. Discounts or promises of early starts "Just for you"

Fams... these are professional sales people, they will be laughing in the pub later about how they made you feel special and how amazing they are as sales people. SEND THEM PACKING.


How it should be

So what should the process look and feel like, this is how we do it:

1. We engage and listen to our customer needs

2. We will accurately analyse your requirements/specifications and record them

3. We will never pull paper work out to be signed when we visit you, our terms and conditions and quotes are emailed to you so you can review and digest them in your own time without a sales person looking over your shoulder, all of our customer agreements are done online without a salesman present.

4. We are not afraid of you getting other quotes, we encourage it because we have confidence in our service and products

5. We will stay connected with you all the way through from quote to fit

6. Our appointments will last no longer than an hour or so while we take pictures and measurements for our design process and consult with you on what you want

7. We will supply you with drawings and designs along with the quote so you can really visualise your options

8. Our first quote is our best quote and we will give you 1 price with a standard 30 day valid quotation period

9. We do run offers throughout the year at different discounts but they are real discounts against our base pricing model which is reviewed regularly to keep them competitive and consistent.

10. We provide an installer insured backed guarantee, manufacturer guarantees and provide all relevant building regulation and guarantee certificates to our customer for peace of mind.

Well thats it for another week Fams, we are keen to hear about your sales experiences so please share our blog or comment on the post so we can spread the word! Its good to blog....

Feel Warmer folks!

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