Coronavirus Precautions

Our Contactless Service

How can I get a quote without being in direct human contact with your company?

Feel Warm have a online facilities to obtain a quote for conservatory roof replacements and composite doors. Simply click on the relevant link at and get a quote and you will be able to send us all the details we need to give you a quotation. We can also review your property for conservatory roofs and doors using google earth and by photos sent on email. We have been successfully doing this now for over a year and have quoted hundreds of customers in this way.

How will you survey my home for the works?

For doors and low level windows Feel Warm will survey your property from the outside without having to step into your home. If for any reason we do need to come inside to do your survey you can close off the conservatory or area we survey and we will ensure we remain at least 1-2m from you at all times.

How will you do the install without contact?

All of our installers have been provided with protective equipment which will enable them to execute your installation safely. We are asking all customers to close off their conservatory or install area from our installers and not make them hot drinks or food whilst they are there. Our teams all have there own facilities available and can execute the install without directly conversing with you. Should an issue occure we will contact you by phone or likewise if you need to communicate something to the team onsite you can call our office on 01785 503603 where a remote member of our team will be able to relay your message.

What about surfaces your installers have touched?

Our team will fully clean down your install once they have completedthe works using a solvent cleaner to ensure the surfaces are fully decontaminated.

How do you know your installers are not infected?

We are holding daily stand up meetings with all of our installers and immediately putting members of the team into self isolation if any of them do not pass our safety standards which includes a temperature check. At this point no one on the Feel Warm team has been infected or knowingly been in contact with anyone with symptoms. Our team are all minimising contact with others and are adhering to government advice.