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A building that's not made from brick, the big bad wolf can surely blow that down.....right?

He might huff, and puff, but he certainly can't blow our Leka Xi's down! You heard it correctly, an extension NOT made from brick and mortar, it really is the next revolutionary modular build design that's taking the building industry by storm!

Fully patented, the only one of its kind, the Lexa Xi is sustainable, less mess, super quick to install and delivers cost certainty. Too good to be true? NO! This is the real deal!

Scared to have a modular build? You hear about these things on TV, read them in magazines, and see them as something of the future, but they really are happening right now in the building industry. With the cost of brick and other building materials ever increasing, the Lexa Xi knocks the socks off a traditional build, and it's certainly not something to be wary of.

In addition to the number of benefits of a modular build mentioned above, there are benefits to the inside of the build too. The traditional brick extension walls themselves take up a heck of a lot of your floor space, something you don't always think about. The Leka Xi gives you extra floor space, a lot actually! On a typical 4 x 4m extension, you gain 1.4m² of extra floor space due to the Xi's thinner, yet just as thermally efficient wall width. That is the equivalent of a large 3 seater sofa, no kidding! It's certainly something to note.

We know exactly how stressful having work done is, the mud, the mess, the invasion of your home, not being able to let the dog out....these modular builds are fully regulated and are put together in as little as week, insane isn't it! You can choose to have your extension match your current property, or if you decide you would like a contrasting super modern look, we can do that too! The options are endless.

Don't be shy....want to know more? checkout our website for further information - or give us a call! 01785 503603

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