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Whats the deal with being a member of the Federation of Master Builders?

The answer is in the title....MASTER! Boy this is has been a long time coming for Feel Warm. This prestigious governing body doesn't take any old trader, oh no, the rigorous, lengthy process needed to be part of this organisation has not been for the faint hearted!

As a family run business, every single customer is extremely important to us whether it be for a single window replacement, to a huge whale of a highly glazed extension that Grand Designs would love to get their hands on. From the second Feel Warm was born, we have strived to make sure our customers get the best of what we can offer in every aspect of us as a business. This mindset flows throughout, and now wearing that Federation of Master Builders (FMB) badge of honour it really is the cherry on the cake for us! Not only has it given us the recognition we absolutely deserve, it also gives our customers that peace of mind that they are dealing with the very best in the industry.

The FMB - who are they exactly? - well, in a nut shell, they are the largest trade association in the UK construction industry and they've been up and running since 1941! Furthermore, they have also achieved 'Gold' status in the Investors in People accreditation.

As you can imagine, in our industry, it's so difficult to instil instant trust in potential customers, they are very aware of rogue traders, cowboys builders and scam artists who unfortunately do still saturate the industry and understandably so, it's one heck of a leap of faith to hand over large sums of hard earned money. The FMB filters out these unregulated traders, who promise the earth, offer quotes that are too good to be true, and practice substandard, unregulated work.

Now we have that all important registration with the FMB, we hope this will help ensure our customers that they can trust Feel Warm to provide the very best work we possibly can and what they deserve.

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